Granite Shield 

How Granite Shield Works.

No other pre-sealed or after sealed product can provide the powerful protection of Granite Shield! The carbonizing crystal process results in the only permanent barrier for polished and honed granite, marble, travertine, slate, engineered quartz, exotics, and semi-precious counters providing a stain proof surface.This superior performance is backed by a LIFETIME warranty for the service life of your countertop in residential, commercial and even outdoor applications.No other warranty provides this level of protection for your investment - PERIOD


The Granite Shield process cleans and lifts foreign particulate from the pores of stone leaving it cleaner, smoother, shinier, and 100% maintenance free with a permanent barrier preventing the absorption of any foreign substances. This permanent barrier stops even oils from entering the most porous stones and will last the lifetime of your countertop, without the need to reapply. If you sell your home at any time you may transfer the full lifetime warranty to the new buyer giving your home a competitive edge on the market!

Granite Shield
noticeably decreases crevice and gritty textures in stone while retaining it's ability to
"breath". Regardless of stone quality, or your counter's age, Granite Shield
will provide corrective,
restorative, and enhancing benefits to the texture, color, and sheen of your countertop.

In addition to the exclusive performance offered, Granite Shieldalso provides many additional benefits:- No selection limitations due to pre-determined color collections- Can be applied to existing counter surfaces in the home- No care and maintenance exclusions- Warranty is backed by the national manufacturer- Granite Shield eliminates the need to store chemicals in the home or dispose of plastic  containers with residual chemical in landfills.